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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You Can't Give Up On Yourself in Life.

It gets ugly when I read about people who gave up on themselves in this life and saw suicide as the only means of “ending it all”. At least, human suffering didn’t start today and will not end right now so long as we continue to be associated with our limited sense of identities. You are not who you think you are. As a grown up, you arrive here from non-being equipped with everything you will need to fulfill your greatness. You don’t lack anything because the Source of energy is ever present to provide your needs.

You lost count of all these qualities of you because you began to see yourself in the sense of the world. It’s an all pervasive knowledge that, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Everything starts and ends at perceptions and thoughts. Don’t you believe all the things/circumstances you are going through are things you attracted to yourself by way of your thoughts? As the thought you evicts, so is the result. Our thoughts create actions and circumstances in our life which also spread the vibrations. When this happen: the law of Karma will return those vibrations to you as results.

So don’t you think you are suffering because you attracted them to yourself? Again, haven’t you realize that you are constantly crying, hurt and “unhappy” because you spread those vibrations in the universe? Know that: pure thoughts are the most valuable treasure of one’s life.

Now, you don’t need regret or blame to live you life. They are complete waste of time and they will increase your chance of doing the same things over again. When you show regret and blame others for your failure, they determine how you feel and feeling plays a significant role in the realm of creation. Begin to take control of your destiny right now by refusing to allow others determine how you feel because everything that must be in the future starts in the NOW. You don’t have the future because it will never come to meet you. Do you remember the number of times you have used the word “FUTURE” yet it always seemed far away from you? Yes that’s how the future is. It will never come to meet you. Never and Ever. So the only time you have is NOW. You have this PRESENT MOMENT.

So therefore, begin to use this moment called PRESENT to change the circumstances you find yourself by positively aligning your thoughts with the Source energy. Everything in the physical universe is a vibrating machine. And the act of creation itself, thus bringing non-being into being is a vibrational frequency.

You are great and genius in your own right. That little embryo that has grown into an adult called you, knew nothing of limitations, stupidity, or madness in the sense of the world. It had a Divine nature; it was perfect; and it had everything it needed in the way of mental and material strength to fulfill the destiny that it signed up to get executed. These qualities are still inside of you. They are not lost; you only lost touch of them.

Now pick yourself up and dust yourself off for the journey ahead of you. Absolutely nothing can limit you in this world. Refuse to give up on yourself in this life and don’t commit suicide because all seemed to be caving on you. We live in a friendly universe that will support anything or desire that is aligned to the universal Source of all. And this include what and how you want to see yourself.